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Getting Started


For your reading pleasure, we’re providing you with a quick and dirty Quick Start Guide for those of you who don’t want to read all the details.  The information therein should get you off to a good start.  We’re also providing you with an Excruciatingly Detailed Guide that provides a lot of good information.  We strongly recommend that you read this if/when you have the time or the notion.  If you don’t and you get stuck somewhere or just wonder what you were missing you can always come back and reference it.

 Quick Start Guide

  • Go to play.ifanxp.com  or click thePlay iFanXP button from the home page of this site.  This will take you to the sign up/in page.  If you chose to read this guide you should know what to do here.  If you don’t, you probably need to go read the Excruciatingly Detailed Guide.

  • The menu bar is at the top of each page.


    • Play – This is where you go to play the game.  We’ll go into a bit more detail on this.
    • Recent Activity – Once you’ve played a few games, you can go back here to see how you did.
    • Trash Talk – This is where you can chat with your peeps about the game (or anything else that suits your fancy).  Note that you need friends to get the most out of this feature, though you can certainly feel free to chat with yourself.
    • Friends – This is where you go to see who your current friends and make new friends.  We strongly encourage you to find a few friends because otherwise you’ll be über lonely.
    • My Stats – What good is a game if you don’t know who’s winning?  This is where you can see who’s winning.
    • Settings – This is where you can update your profile and logout.
  • Clicking the play button will take you to the schedule page.  From here (below) you can select a game to play.
    • You can change leagues via the league button.
    • You can change dates via the date button(s).

  • Clicking on a game (above) will take you to the questions for the game (below).

  • On the game screen, click on the first question you want to answer (you don’t have to answer all of them).  That will take you to the question page (below).

  • On the question page, select the right answer and wager at least one chip.  The number of chips you currently have to work with is at the bottom of the screen.  Initially you might think we’re being a bit stingy, but the more you play, the more you’ll get (unless you are horribly incorrect with your answers all the time).
OK, so that’s all we’ve got going on here in this section.  If you want more details, then read the Excruciatingly Detailed Guide like we told you to do in the first place.

Excruciatingly Detailed Guide

Sign Up/In

To sign up for an account, go to play.ifanxp.com.

From here you can click the “Login with Facebook” button to sign up using your Facebook account. If you’re not logged into Facebook already, you’ll be asked to login to your Facebook account.  Once logged in, you’ll be asked to create a username (see picture below). Usernames must be unique and at least 3 characters. Once you’ve done that, your account will be created and you’ll be logged into the system.

If you shun Facebook because you’re way too un-sheep-like to succumb to the peer pressure or you just don’t want to login via Facebook, select the “Sign Up” button.  Enter all the information on the screen (below: username, first and last name, postal code, email, password).  Username must be unique and at least 3 characters.  Make sure you confirm that you are over the age of 13 and then click the “Sign Up” button.  Once you’ve done that, your account will be created and you’ll be logged into the system.

If at a later point you want to connect your iFanXP account with your Facebook account, just logout and click the “Login with Facebook” button.  As long as your email address is the same in iFanXP and Facebook, your accounts will be connected.

If you’ve logged in via Facebook and you want to add a password so that you can log in directly via iFanXP then once you’re logged into the system, click the settings icon and then select the “Change Password” button.  You don’t need to enter your old password.  Just enter your new password and confirm it in the “Confirm” field.


If you already have an account, to sign in just click the “Login with Facebook” button or enter your username OR email address and your password.

Note that you will remain signed on your device/browser unless/until you logout or clear your browser cache.

To logout, click the settings icon  on the top right and then click the logout button  on the top right of the bar below the icon bar.
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Let’s face it – life is much less fun without friends. Similarly, iFanXP is much less fun without friends.  And you know what’s even more fun than having friends?  Beating the crap out of them at something and then reveling in your glory.

You can manage your friends via the Friends icon .  You will be taken to a list of your current friends (which will be blank if you are just starting out). If you have friends already you can delete them. This will essentially “un-friend” them so unless you just really really hate the person we recommend that you not delete friends, though we do understand that some people are really hatable, but then you have to ask yourself why they were your friend in the first place? Are you a masochist? Do you suck at choosing friends?

From here you can search for friends already playing iFanXP by clicking the Search icon  and entering at least three characters of their username, or First and/or Last name.

Once you find someone you want to friend, click the Add icon  next to his/her name and a request will go out to them to accept your friendship.

Friend requests are sent via email. You will also see a “+” symbol over the Friends icon  when you log into the system. To accept a friend request click the link in the email you received (if you are already logged in, you will be taken directly to the Friend Request screen) or log into iFanXP, click the Friends icon and then click the Friend Inbox icon  on the top right corner of your Friends screen.

On this screen you can see your outgoing friend requests (requests you’ve sent) and your incoming friend requests (requests you’ve received).  You can accept friend requests by clicking the checkmark icon next to the request or reject them by clicking the X icon  next to the request. You can also delete any outstanding requests that you’ve sent by clicking the X icon  next to the request.

If you want to invite people not yet planning iFanXP, go to the Search Friends screen by clicking the Friends icon  and then clicking the Search icon . You can invite friends via email or via Facebook by clicking the applicable icon.

To invite friends via email, click the Email icon  and then enter the email address of the friend in the Invite Friends popup.

Enter multiple email address by hitting the Return key between each address. An email will go out to all of the email addresses you’ve entered with a link inviting each person to join iFanXP. If someone joins iFanXP via that link he/she will automatically be your friend once they’ve created their account.

To invite friends via Facebook, click the Facebook Icon .

A message will appear that will be posted to your Facebook wall.  Once you confirm the post and it is posted, a link will be in that message. Any person who clicks that link will be taken to a page to launch and play iFanXP.

Once logged in, he/she will automatically be your friend in iFanXP

Note that if you don’t see a Facebook icon, your account is not connected to a Facebook account. To connect your account to your Facebook account, logout by clicking the settings icon  on the top right and then clicking the logout button  on the top right of the bar below the icon bar. Once you are logged out, click on the “Login With Facebook” icon on the login screen.  If you are not logged into Facebook it will prompt you to do so. Make sure the Facebook account you are trying to connect with has the same email address as your iFanXP account email address.  Otherwise, the accounts will not connect.


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Playing iFanXP


OK, so now you have an account and hopefully you have a few friends. Now it’s time to start playing!

To play iFanXP, click the Play icon .

Games are listed within each sports league.  We will default to one of the most played/relevant sports league currently in season.  You can change leagues by clicking the League button on the top left corner of the screen (in the picture above, that would be the button reading “MLBxp”) and a list of all of the current leagues will appear.

Select the one you want and click Done .  If you want to stay within the current league click Cancel .

Games within each league are listed by date and time.  WE WILL DEFAULT TO THE NEXT DAY THAT GAMES WITHIN THAT LEAGUE ARE BEING PLAYED. So this means if games in a league are not played until next Sunday, we will default to next Sunday.

To go to a different date, click the forward  or back  arrows on either side of the Date above the schedule. To select a specific date, select the Date button (the button reading “Wed 8/15” in the above picture) and a date picker will appear where you can select the Month, Day and Year that you want to see.

Once you have selected the date you want click Done .  If you want to stay on the currently displayed date click Cancel . To automatically skip to today, select Today  button. Note that we only store games one month prior and one month in advance, so while you are allowed to go to dates way in the past and way in the future, this will net you nothing.

Once you’ve found a game you’re interested in playing, click on it.

A list of 4 or 5 questions will appear relating to that game.

Click on a question to answer it. You will be taken to a screen where you can select the answer you think will be correct.

The number of points for the answer is listed next to the answer.  Some answers are less likely so they are worth more points. For each answer you have the ability to wager “chips”. When you are first starting out you will get a set number of chips. Chips will accrue every hour up to your current max. You can see the number of chips you have in the bottom right corner of the screen listed as (Current Chip Total)/(Current Max Chips).

As you level up in the game your chip total will increase and the number of chips you accrue per hour may vary. See the <My Stats section for more information on levels.

All questions default to a wager of 1 chip. If you get the question correct, the points you receive will be the number of chips bet times the number of points applicable to your answer.  So if you’re feeling super cocky about your answer you should bet lots of chips on it. To increase or decrease your wagered chips, click the Plus  or Minus  icon in the Wager Chips section. If you want to delete an answer, set the chip amount for that question to zero (0), which will un-answer that question.

Once you’ve answered a question, to move to the previous or next question, click the single left  or right  arrows on the bottom of the screen. To go to the first or last question for the game, click the double left  or right  arrows on the bottom of the screen. To go to the previous or next game in the schedule, click the Prev Game  or Next Game  buttons on the top of the screen. To go back to the list of questions, click the List icon  on the top left of the screen. To go back to the schedule, click the Play icon  in the icon bar.

You’ll quickly notice that you don’t have enough chips to bet on every single question in every single game, so you need to choose the questions you answer carefully. Note that you will accrue 1 or more chips every hour depending on your level, so if you want to maximize your score potential, come back throughout the day to wager the chips you gain. If you don’t use them, you’ll stop accruing them once you hit your max chip amount, which means you are essentially wasting potential chips. And you can be assured that if you do that your OCD friends are going to move ahead of you in the rankings.

You can come back and bet more chips or change answers up until game time (give or take 5 minutes). Games that you’ve played will have a blue Chip icon  next to them on the schedule screen.

Once the game has started you can’t bet any more chips, or answer or change your answer on any questions in that game. Games that have started will have a grey lock icon  next to them.

Games are ordered so that games not yet started are listed first, followed by games that are in progress or completed that you’ve played, followed by games that are in progress or completed that you’ve not played.

Once a game has been graded (meaning the correct answers have been identified and you’ve been awarded any applicable points), the points that you received in that game will be listed next to the game in the schedule.

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Team Stats

So let’s say you know nothing about a particular sport. Well we provide a few useful stats to help you make more-educated guesses. First, we provide each team’s record next to their name in the schedule.

This will give you some idea as to whether a team is doing well and likely to win or not, though in the case of the Texans/Yankees game above, this may not be all that helpful, so you’re gonna have to do some of your own research or wing it. Note that regardless of what day you are looking at in the schedule, team records will always be for today, so we don’t show you their historical record with previous days.

We also provide standings information for each league if you click the Team Standings  button at the top of the Schedule page (which you get to via the Play icon ).


For leagues that have leagues/divisions or conferences/divisions we provide both standings. This will give you an idea as to how teams are doing across the league. To get back to the schedule page, click the Play icon .
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Recent Activity

So you’ve played multiple games on multiple days in multiple leagues. How do you see a condensed list of these so you don’t have to scroll through the schedules? We’re glad you asked! That’s what Recent Activity is for. Your Recent Activity can be found by clicking the Recent Activity icon  (it looks kinda like a calendar).

From here you can see all the games across all leagues that you’ve played. They are ordered to show you upcoming games you’ve played first, then games in progress that you’ve played, then past games that you’ve played. Note that games in progress includes any games that have started but have not yet been graded. For past games you’ll also see your scores.

You can click on any game here to see the details of what you wagered and what you answered. For upcoming games you can change your answers or modify the number of chips you’ve wagered
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My Stats

To see how you’re faring against your friends, go to your My Stats screen by clicking on the My Stats icon  (it looks kinda like a bar chart).

On this screen you’ll see your current level at the top , along with a status bar to see how far you have to go to get to the next level.

The points you receive playing iFanXP directly affect the points you need to get to the next level. Each bar in your status bar means you are that much closer to the next level.  Once you get to the next level you’ll get a refill on your chips and either your max chips will increase or the number of chips you accrue per hour will increase.

Sometime in the near future you’ll be able to purchase additional chips but for now the Buy Chips button is just a pretty picture.

Your  My Stats page also has leader boards so you can see how you are doing against your friends and against everyone else playing iFanXP.

There are multiple leaderboards. The first set show you how you’re doing across all leagues for the past 7 days amongst your friends and amongst everyone playing iFanXP.

These leaderboards are followed by how you are doing within each league for the past 7 days amongst your friends and amongst everyone playing iFanXP.

The last leaderboard if you scroll to the very bottom shows your all time ranking across all leagues against everyone playing iFanXP.

We don’t do an all time raking amongst friends because unfortunately friends may come and go, so it would be hard to get an accurate record.

We have so many leaderboards to give you as much opportunity to feel special as we can. Hopefully at one point in time you are a winner at something. If not, perhaps you need to brush up on your sports knowledge or pick dumber friends. Then again, winning isn’t everything, right? It’s all about the love the game, isn’t it? Ok. Yeah, we can’t even say that with a straight face.
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Trash Talk

Alrighty, so let’s assume you’re winning at something or you’re creeping up on one of your friends. Wouldn’t you want to brag about that? Of course you would. And that’s exactly what Trash Talk is for. You can access Trash Talk via the Trash Talk icon  (it looks like a speech bubble).

Note here that Trash Talk is completely useless without friends unless you like talking to yourself, so if you haven’t done so already, go out and make some friends. We know it’s hard at first, but someone must like you… or at least tolerate you.

Trash Talk looks like a big group text window. Enter the important shiz you have to say in the text box at the bottom and click the button to the right  and your Trash Talk is posted for all your friends to see.

Trash Talk behaves similar to Twitter in that everything you blast out goes to all your friends, so be careful with what you say if you’re friends with your grandmother or your boss.

Also note that if you are addressing something a friend said, but some of your friends aren’t friends with that person they’ll only see your side of the conversation, so they might get confuddled if you don’t include a reference to the person to which you are addressing your witty banter.

If you just recently friended someone they will only see the Trash Talk you’ve posted since you’ve friended them.

Every time you get new Trash Talk from friends, a red “+” sign will appear next to the Trash Talk icon  and will remain there until you read it.

Trash talk is fairly real time, so when you’re on the Trash Talk screen, any new messages will automatically appear..

To exit out of trash talk, click the “X”  on the top right corner and you’ll be taken back to the page you were previously on.
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If you want to change your name or location or password, go to the Settings page by clicking the Settings icon  (it looks like two gears).


Change your information and click the “Update” button. To change your password, click the “Change Password” button on the bottom of the screen and you’ll be taken to a page to enter your old password and new password (twice).

You can also log out from here by clicking the logout button  on the top right of the screen (it looks like a power button).

OK, so that’s about it. If you still have questions, take a look at our FAQs and if you still have questions after that you’re on your own.  KIDDING! You can always Contact Us and we’ll ignore you for a bit until we find the motivation to start answering your questions.

Good luck! And Happy iFaning (yeah, we just made that word up)!
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