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To play iFanXP, all you need is an Android or iOS* device or a computer with a Chrome or Safari web browser. Sorry, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Blackberry users, we can’t support everyone. We’d like to but it’s slim pickens for all of us these days.

Luckily, if you have a computer (provided it’s not super old), you can download Chrome. Chrome system requirements are here if you’re worried your computer is, in fact, super old.

Download Chrome here.

Alternatively, you can download Safari (yes, even if you have a Windows machine). System requirements can be found on the following download page.

Download Safari here.

If you’re already viewing this page from one of those browsers/devices, then click the play button below and sign up.  If you’re feeling lazy, we also give you the option to sign up via Facebook.  (The actual URL is play.ifanxp.com.  Bookmark it when you get a chance. There are no apps to download.  All you have to do is follow that link from any supported device/browser and you can play from anywhere.)

Play iFanXP

Once you’re logged in, we suggest you take a moment to peruse our Getting Started Guide. We realize that most of you don’t want to read no stinkin’ manual, but as smart as we know you are, you might miss something really cool.

*That would be “Apple” for those who have no idea what an operating system is. Don’t be ashamed. It confuses the best of us.